Path to Partnership

Becoming a Ministry Partner at Evident

We believe that joining a church family goes beyond just observing. It should be going all in for Christ by partnering in the gospel (Philippians 1:4-6) to fulfill the mission that God has for us in this community together. At Evident Church, Ministry Partners FIGHT for unity, PRAY for the church and our community, and SERVE by joining our mission of leading people to follow Jesus.

Why Should I Become a Ministry Partner?

How Do I Become a Ministry Partner

A Crash Course In Our Culture and Beliefs!

Step 1: Take Crash Course
CC1 & CC2 are required to become a Ministry Partner and are designed to help you understand what makes us tick and give you the tools you need to grow in your relationship with Christ. CC3 & CC4 are designed specifically with Ministry Partners in mind to help you better learn your strengths and challenge you to start using them.

Step 2: Fill out the Partnership Agreement
The Partnership Agreement gives you a chance to look over our core beliefs as well as share more of your story with us.

Step 3: Welcome Lunch and Ceremony
Share a lunch with some of our key leaders and elders as we continue to get to know each other better as well as take a moment to celebrate your decision in one of our services to pray with you as a church family as we, together, lead people to follow Jesus.

Crash Course FAQ's

Ministry Partner is our new language for “membership” at Evident. If you have previously been through our membership class and been accepted as a member, you are automatically a Ministry Partner. However, we would like for you to still attend Crash Course 1 & 2 for your own growth and unity in our mission. Also, Crash Course 3 & 4 are designed especially for those who ARE Ministry Partners to help them discover their gifts and how they fit into the body of Christ.

No. These courses can be taken by anyone. They help people discover their gifts and how they fit into God’s family whether they are a Ministry Partner at Evident or not.

These can be taken in any order you choose. However, we HIGHLY recommend taking them in order 1-4.

No, this is offered free of charge.

With that said, Pastor GJ won’t turn down a Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Popeyes…

You can become a Ministry Partner by completing Crash Course 1 & 2 and agreeing to our Partnership Agreement.

We’re excited for what God is going to do through this! Contact Pastor GJ with any questions.


If you have signed up for a Crash Course or have already taken one you will find the links to all of the different references/links we cover in each of the Crash Courses. Please note that CC3 and CC4 have different tests that need to be completed before taking the course.

*bring results with you to the next Crash Course