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Full Service | 09/19/2021

Everything Happens For A Reason?

As we continue our next sermon in the “Coffee Mug Christianity” series, Pastor Josh Hossler looks at Romans 8:28 and breaks down the common saying “Everything happens for a reason".

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Uncategorized | 09/16/2021

Lobby Transition & Service Updates

I wanted to keep you posted on some more exciting updates this week. First, we have a vestibule! Second, we unfortunately won't be able to live stream the service this weekend. We will record the the 9:30 service and upload it as soon as possible that day!

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Full Service | 09/12/2021

God Will Never Give You More Than You Can Handle?

In our newest sermon series “Coffee Mug Christianity”, Pastor Josh Hossler discusses the common phrase “God will never give you more than you can handle” and breaks down if this wide-held belief is theologically correct.

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Video | 09/09/2021

Big Building Updates!

Church, we have some exciting building updates (things might look a little different for a short season) and we are entering a new sermon series! You won't want to miss these next few weeks!

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Full Service | 09/06/2021

“What Am I Made To Do?” | Feat. Pastor GJ Tesar

Pastor GJ Tesar Preaches on 1 Samuel 3 and discusses the question of "What Am I Made To Do?"

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