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Full Service | 10/12/2021

The Danger of Indifference

Kicking off our first week in the new worship space, we are diving into a new sermon series called "Rebuild". Pastor Josh digs into Nehemiah 1:1-11 and discusses the dangers that come with indifference.

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Full Service | 10/03/2021

Lessons Learned

In our last service before we move into the new worship space, Pastor Josh reflects on the past 3 years of ministry in our Phase One space and the lessons we learned along the way.

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Full Service | 09/29/2021

Let Go and Let God?

In the final installment in the “Coffee Mug Christianity” series, Pastor Josh Hossler lives into Philippians 2:12-13 and discusses the expression “Let Go and Let God".

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Full Service | 09/19/2021

Everything Happens For A Reason?

As we continue our next sermon in the “Coffee Mug Christianity” series, Pastor Josh Hossler looks at Romans 8:28 and breaks down the common saying “Everything happens for a reason".

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Full Service | 09/12/2021

God Will Never Give You More Than You Can Handle?

In our newest sermon series “Coffee Mug Christianity”, Pastor Josh Hossler discusses the common phrase “God will never give you more than you can handle” and breaks down if this wide-held belief is theologically correct.

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Full Service | 09/06/2021

“What Am I Made To Do?” | Feat. Pastor GJ Tesar

Pastor GJ Tesar Preaches on 1 Samuel 3 and discusses the question of "What Am I Made To Do?"

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Full Service | 08/29/2021

“I’m Not Scared” | Feat. Pastor Steven Perry

Guest speaker Pastor Steven Perry preaches on Joshua 1:9 and the impact it's had on his life and calling.

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Full Service | 08/22/2021

Next Door | How Can I Keep My Spiritual Passion High in the Ups and Downs?

In the final part of our Next Door series, Pastor Josh Hossler discusses how you can keep you spiritual passion high in the ups and downs?

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Full Service | 08/16/2021

Next Door | How do I have compassion for those who are hurting?

In Part 3 of our Next Door series, Pastor Josh Hossler addresses the question "How do I have compassion for those who are hurting?" with a Q&A message featuring Kingdom Kids founder Kristie Chute.

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Full Service | 08/09/2021

Next Door | How Do I Love Those Who Have Hurt Me?

Pastor Josh Hossler tackles the next concept in our "Next Door" series on the art of neighboring. In this message we digest Luke 6 and discuss forgiveness.

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Full Service | 08/01/2021

Next Door | How Can I Truly Love People?

Lead Pastor Josh Hossler kicks off the "Next Door" series on being a loving neighbor. In this message we dive into Mark 12 and learn about Loving the Lord your God first.

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Full Service | 07/25/2021

Adulting – Part 4

Dr. Bill Hossler breaks down the knowledge in Proverbs 1 in the last week of our Adulting Series

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Full Service | 07/18/2021

Adulting – Part 3

In Part 3 of our "Adulting" series, guest speaker Pastor Jason Fullum breaks down the wisdom found in Proverbs 4.

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Full Service | 07/11/2021

Adulting – Part 2

In Part 2 of our "Adulting" series, our very own Nathan Tunison breaks down the knowledge found in Proverbs 30.

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Full Service | 05/02/2021

Adulting – Part 1

Elder Kevin Evans kicks off our "Adulting" series with insights we can glean from Proverbs 1&2.

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Videos & Podcasts

Video | 09/30/2021

Last Week In Our New Space!

Evident Church, this is an exciting week - It's our last service in the "old" worship space! Join us this Sunday as we reflect on lessons learned over the past 3 years! Let's Go!

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Video | 09/16/2021

Lobby Transition & Service Updates

I wanted to keep you posted on some more exciting updates this week. First, we have a vestibule! Second, we unfortunately won't be able to live stream the service this weekend. We will record the the 9:30 service and upload it as soon as possible that day!

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Video | 09/09/2021

Big Building Updates!

Church, we have some exciting building updates (things might look a little different for a short season) and we are entering a new sermon series! You won't want to miss these next few weeks!

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Video | 05/04/2021

All In | The Vision

Imagine the difference we could make – the ripples we could create for eternity – if we lived “all in” for the cause of Christ, a purpose beyond ourselves. Now is the time to make a leap. Now is the time to go ALL IN!

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Video | 10/29/2020

I Didn’t Know What to Do with My Anxiety

Everyone has anxiety and knows the weight of pressure, stress and fear. The question is do we know what to do with it?

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Article | 08/31/2021 | Josh Hossler

God Our Provider

When I think of God providing, my focus is often on financial things. That seems to be the biggest area of worry and struggle for most people. One of the things that helps me though is to think of all the other ways God also provides.

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Article | 07/15/2021 | Josh Hossler

Five Free (or Almost) Date Ideas

I put together a fun little list of five fun and economical ways to spend time dating your significant other!

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Article | 06/15/2021 | Josh Hossler

More On Anxiety

Worry, fear, and anxiety are not as simple as what I'm about to share, but what I share is at the same time very true. Jesus offers to take on our troubles on the cross and He offers to give us the endless well of His peace. You don't have to worry

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Article | 02/20/2021 | Josh Hossler

Growing Our Intimacy With God

I just finished a book called "RARE Leadership" by Marcus Warner. It was a great look at the importance of prioritizing relationships over anything else. This article highlights five practical things the author suggests.

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Article | 01/07/2021 | Josh Hossler

5 Things To Do In Troubled Times

This past year has seen more than its share of trouble. Riots, unrest, shootings, political, racial, social divides, pandemics, lock downs… It's a lot! So, what do we do? Here are five things that will help you navigate trouble times:

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Article | 12/15/2020 | Josh Hossler

How To Recover From Disappointment

Disappointment is part of life. We all experience it. Wherever it comes from, it can be debilitating if we don't learn how to recover from it. Here are four productive things we can do to recover from disappointment:

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Article | 08/12/2020 | Josh Hossler

Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart

Many people struggle though to know for sure if they are saved. It can be easy to second guess and question. Our passions can grow cold, sin may still be very present in our lives, and we struggle to believe what Jesus has done for us.

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Article | 03/02/2020 | Josh Hossler

I Am A Pastor Who

I think everyone struggles with identity at some level. Who am I? Who am I created to be? What is my significance and purpose? These are huge questions, and I believe God has wired us to seek the answers for these. Identity is one of the fundamental questions

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Article | 02/19/2020 | Josh Hossler

Creating A Budget That Sticks

We just finished a three week series at our church called “From Stressed to Blessed”. Budgeting is the key to putting this all together. This article will show you how. If you do this, and make these three commitments, you WILL move from stressed to blessed.

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Article | 01/15/2020 | Josh Hossler

3 Reasons You Need A Monthly Budget

Many people think budgeting equals bondage. I want to prove that it’s actually the opposite - budgeting equals freedom. Here are three reasons you need a monthly budget:

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Article | 05/15/2018 | Josh Hossler

The Anatomy Of Conflict: Part 1

A few years ago I was struggling and life was closing in around me. I ended up seeing a professional counselor and it was the best thing I could've done. The greatest takeaway was this little phrase: Most conflict is a result of unmet expectations.

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Article | 04/15/2018 | Josh Hossler

3-Ways God Views Suffering

Life’s not fair! Every one of us has had things happen to us that just don’t seem fair. Good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people. Why? Why does God allow suffering?

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Article | 03/15/2018 | Josh Hossler

Hero Maker 

This past February I had the opportunity to attend Exponential, an annual church leadership conference (it just happened to be in Orlando Florida, great planning). The feeling of 2,500 pastors and church leaders in one room with one purpose was powerful!

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Article | 02/18/2018 | Rachel Walters

Waiting Well

When Pastor Josh asked me to write a blog post, I knew immediately what topic I wanted to share on. I told him I could write a book on this subject of waiting by now.

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Article | 12/16/2017 | Josh Hossler

Building Plan Reveal

For the past 9 years we've been praying for 24/7 space as a home and ministry tool for our church. God has been providing in crazy ways and we are so excited about the dreams and future of Evident.

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Article | 09/30/2017 | Josh Hossler

We Have A Building!

Well, it's been a few weeks since I've given a real good update on the new building so here's a quick breakdown... We closed on our new building July 31, 2017.

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