Home is Here


Imagine a faith community that felt more like family than an institution or attending church like being home rather than going to a building. Imagine being part of a faith community where you are encouraged, loved, and part of the family.

"You hear people often say that their home is with the one they love. I most definitely agree. My home is where my heart is & Evident most definitely has my heart. I'm extremely grateful that the love I have for Evident & their love for me is not restricted to a building or a set meeting time. Evident provides a love & community where I can be my honest self, without fear of rejection. THIS is exactly what home & church are all about in my world, my safe place."

- Sarah

“Moving often with the military can be difficult but from the beginning we have felt like Evident is like a family and a second home to us. Not being near family really made Evident feel even more like home. Evident is a place where friends feel like family and family feels like home.”

- Justin

“Evident is home because its where I built true friendships and learned this relationship piece and why Jesus was given to us.”

- Patricia

Evident Church meets every Sunday morning at 9:30am & 11am. Come visit us at our brand new location on Gratiot Ave. just a north of 23 Mile Rd. (52101 Gratiot Ave., the former Chesterfield Lion’s Club). Evident Church… home is here!