Child Dedication

Child Dedication

Child dedications are a commitment made between the child’s family and their church family, to raise the child in an environment where they can know, and have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Even though it’s called child dedication, it’s really more about the dedication of the parents and our church. We don’t practice *infant baptism at Evident because we follow the model of the first century church and the apostles by observing adult believer baptism. It is our hope and prayer that each child fulfills their dedication by making a personal choice for Jesus later in life and follows that decision with water baptism. (*for more on Infant Baptism see our “Baptism” information sheet at Guest Services) 

Although it’s called a child dedication, it’s really more about the dedication of the parents. During the dedication we ask the parents to commit to the following things: 

  • Praying for your children daily.

  • Teaching them about Jesus and God’s eternal principles from the Bible.
  • Faithfully attending church with your kids.

  • Modeling a Christ-like life at work, in the home, in your marriage, and as parents. 

The process

  1. Sign-up online.
  2. Pastor Josh will contact you to see if you have any questions.
You will be asked to write and read a short personal prayer of dedication for your child/children. 
  4. You and your child/children will be included in a Sunday morning worship service.

  5. Pastor Josh will pray during the service for you and your child/children.