21 Days of Prayer

We are so glad you have decided to participate in the “21 Days of Prayer” at Evident Church. Whether you’ve fasted and prayed before or not, this is a great opportunity to have a unique and powerful encounter with the Lord. In this guide you will find some practical suggestions that should help make this time of prayer both effective and fulfilling. It is our hope that as you draw close to God during this special time you will experience His presence and power in an extraordinary way If you would like to make a specific prayer request you can email Matt Montgomery

We have created a signup genius form for you to sign up to pray. Please feel free to sign up for anytime you would like. If someone has already signed up for the time slot you would like don't that deter you. Multiple people should be praying during each time slot. Sign Up Here!

"When you Pray"...Matthew 5:6

For followers of Jesus prayer and fasting are not optional. In Matthew 6:5-6, 16-17 Jesus provides us the proper motivation for fasting and prayer. It is not a contest, it is not an opportunity for us to be admired by other people or for us to prove to ourselves how spiritual we are. Fasting is about humbling ourself, drawing close to God, and praying effectively.  

During these 21 days we want to encourage everyone to participate at some level. During these first three weeks in January we will be meeting for group prayer every Tuesday at 5:00 am and 7:00 pm at HQ. We hope you can join us for at least one of these meetings each week. You will never be called on to pray out loud or in front of anyone. It is a time for us to get together worship God and support one another. When you come, come with great expectation because we serve a great God and He is going to be doing some incredible things. 

As part of the “21 Days of Prayer” we are asking each person at evident to commit to praying at least 15 minutes each day. That may seem like a lot but you don’t even have to pray that 15 minutes all at once. You can break it up throughout the day any way you like. 

We have provided a prayer focus for each day as a way to unite us together around some common objectives. If you can, please sign up for one or more of the 24 one-hour blocks each week and commit to praying for that daily prayer focus at least 5 minutes during that hour.  

When you pray try and get into a quiet place away from distractions and make this a special time between you and God. You might try playing some worship music in the background before or during your prayer time. Have fun with this and expect God to surprise you.  

Finally as a church we are committed to praying for you and your needs. There are prayer request cards available for you to fill out at services. Please take a few moments to fill one out and turn it in to someone in Guest Services. 

Whatever your needs, God is more than able to meet them. We also want to be praying for your unsaved loved ones during this time so please let us know their names when you fill out that card or email your requests in.  

"And When You Fast"... Matthew 6:16

The following are some fasting guidelines that may help you. Remember these are only guidelines and you should feel free to customize your fast, taking into account your health, goals, and experience. If you have any health issues or take prescription medications, we recommend you consult your health care provider before abstaining from any meals. If abstaining from food is impossible there are several other types of fasts described in this guide that may work better for you.

The twelve hour rule. If you don’t have much experience fasting from food, we recommend you fast no more than 12 hours in a single day. For example, if you plan on fasting from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm you may find it helpful to eat a light breakfast at 7 or 7:30 and then have a small meal or snack before you go to bed. Try not to compensate for lost meals with heavy or rich foods before you go to bed. You can fast all day or just a meal or two. It’s up to you.


All of us are at different places in our relationship with Jesus, in our lives and with our health. For some of us fasting has become a routine we are accustomed to, while for others it’s a brand new experience outside of our comfort zone. Wherever you find yourself our advice is the same. Start where you are. The fast you choose should challenge you, but this isn’t a contest. Fasting is not about seeing how much pain we can endure. It’s about humbling ourselves and drawing close to God.


Specific Food or Activity Fast

In this type of fast you omit a specific item(s) from your meals. For example, you

may choose to eliminate all red meat, processed or fast foods, or sweets. Most people can incorporate this type off fast relatively easily. It can also prove to be   

a great solution for people with specific dietary needs or medical conditions that may cause certain limitations.  

Instead of fasting from food you may also choose to fast from a regular activity or habit. This might include things like television, social media, and the like.  

Prayer and fasting are not just about connecting to God but also about disconnecting from the world. Try to tune out some of the regular distractions from your day as much as possible. Replace that time with things that will nourish you spiritually.  

Juice Fast

A juice fast is simply a matter of consuming fruit and vegetable juices and water instead of solid food. Many people include a protein supplement in their liquid plan as well. This has proven to be one of the most popular and effective fasts for many people. Even if you choose not to make your entire fast liquids-only, substituting one or two meals for liquids is a great alternative.  

Water Fast

A water-only fast is the normal fast in the Bible that most people are familiar with. This is the fast that Jesus and the New Testament church most likely practiced. A water fast is just that-no eating of any food or drinking of any liquids except water. Precautions should be taken when attempting a water fast as it can be difficult or dangerous especially for those with certain underlying medical conditions. If you are new to fasting we recommend water fasting for only a day or two at a time.

Daniel Fast

The Daniel fast is a great model to follow and one of the most commonly referred to. Within the Daniel fast there is room for broad interpretation. In the book of Daniel we find two different times when the prophet Daniel fasted. Daniel 1 states that He only ate vegetables and water, and in Daniel 10, while the passage does not give a specific list of foods that Daniel ate, it does state the he ate no rich foods, as well as no meat or wine. So based on these two verses, we can see that either of these, or a combination of the two, constitute a Daniel fast.     

Marital Intimacy Fast

This type of fast was referred to by the Apostle Paul in I Corinthians 7:5. 

 “Do not deprive each other of sexual relations, unless you both agree to refrain from sexual intimacy for a limited time so you can give yourselves more completely to prayer. Afterward, you should come together again so that Satan won’t be able to tempt you because of your lack of self-control.”

Before starting this kind of fast there should be agreement between the husband and wife as to exactly how long this fast will last and when exactly it will end. Both the husband and wife must remain sensitive to each others needs and and be prepared to terminate this fast immediately if sexual temptation in any way becomes an issue. 

Daily Prayer Focus




DAY 15 - We are now just a week away from finishing our 21 days and most of us are probably thinking about what we will eat after the fast. This is the time to press in and ask God to give us, as individuals and as a church, direction and divine strategies as we share the Gospel and advance His Kingdom. Ask God to help us depend on the leading of the Holy Spirit so we can approach ministry in new ways that we would not think of by ourselves. I Corinthians 2:9-10

Over the next 6 days let’s pray for specific ministries and projects at Evident Church. We have a lot going on from children’s ministry to the renovation of our new property and we need God’s direction and strategies in all of them. When you pray about these specific things pause and ask the Holy Spirit to show you how to pray.

DAY 16 - Ask God to continue to give us favor with city officials, builders, and everyone involved in the renovation of our new church building. Pray for wisdom in the decisions that are being made and don’t forget to thank God for His goodness and provision so far. Let’s believe God to provide ALL the finances and other resources to complete this project and then let’s worship and glorify Him when He does. Be sure to ask God to move on the hearts of Individuals as we enter into the “What’s Next” capital campaign.  

DAY 17 - Ask God tho move on the hearts of our kids in Elevate. Statistically 75% of young people leave the church by the time they reach college age. Our teens are under tremendous pressure in our culture to reject the idea of God and conform to a post-christian culture. Pray that our kids will have genuine encounters with God and the strength to stand up against the opposition they will encounter. Pray that God will give divine strategies to the leaders of Elevate, that they will make genuine connections with these kids, and that they would have the wisdom and discernment to identify and minister to the specific needs of each student.  

DAY 18 - Pray for our new young adult ministry as it reaches out to adults ages 18-30. There are tremendous challenges facing this generation but God has a plan. Pray for encouragement and strength for Samantha Polonis as she leads this ministry and for all those who come out and participate. Ask God to grab the heart of these young adults make Himself real to them in powerful ways. Pray that they will make wise life decisions and that they will always consider God and their relationships with Him before making them. Pray that they will be able to surrender their lives to Jesus and follow Him no matter what the cost.

DAY 19 - Ask God to bless our children’s ministry. It is exciting to see how the Holy Spirit draws children to Jesus so early in life. Pray for clear direction for Kristen Hayes and Nicole Thomas as they lead this ministry. Ask God to provide the resources and workers needed for our children’s ministry to THRIVE in 2018. Pray for successful outreach strategies (Christmas concerts, plays, VBS etc…) that will take place this year. Finally pray for more volunteers to serve in this ministry and share in the tremendous amount of work that goes into it. 

DAY 20 - Ask God to empower our men’s ministry to reach and minister to the men of Evident church and elsewhere. Ask God to give Steve Hayes focus and direction as he leads this ministry in 2018. Pray that our men will stand up and be the bold spiritual leaders God has called them to be. Ask God to bring victory in the lives of our men through discipleship and genuine connection with one another in men’s ministry. 

DAY 21 - Today ask God to refresh and give clear direction to the leaders of our church, especially Pastor Josh. Pray for courage and boldness as Josh preaches God’s Word and for divine strategies and direction as he and the elder team make the many critical decisions that impact the future course of our church. Pray that Josh and our elders will have clear vision of where God is taking us as a church and that they would continue to lead with humility and integrity. Please continue to pray for their health and protection.