What is the purpose of the Campaign?  

    To keep us focused on our mission to lead people to follow Jesus, create unity and ownership around this cause, and raise money for 24/7 space for our Chesterfield Campus. 

What is the total campaign goal? 

     $500,000 and this will be used to either buy/build, or renovate future space for Evident Church. 

Why are we involved in a Capital Campaign? Is it just about the money? 

      This NEXT Capital Campaign provides us with an opportunity to challenge one another to prayerfully consider our personal commitments to the Lord. While finances committed will help us to get into 24/7 space, our ultimate vision is for this campaign to be a time of teaching that God owns everything - our time, talents, and treasures. We are simply managers. When we understand that, the rest will take care of itself. 

Is there a certain amount I or my family is expected to give? 

     No. Everyone is being asked to pray about this commitment. No one will be pressured. After asking God for guidance in the decision, each person will decide his/her particular commitment. The goal is not equal gifts but equal sacrifice. We encourage you to involved your children in some way, either by individual commitment or by their participation in the family giving. 

I already tithe and feel like that is all I can do, am I wrong? 

     Only you and the Lord can decide how much you can give. Making a commitment that you know for certain is unrealistic might be detrimental to you and to the church. However, sometimes things that seem beyond reach are actually closer than they appear when God is at the helm. If each one gives as God directs, then victory is assured. 

Can I divide my present giving between my tithe and the Campaign? 

    We strongly encourage you to make your commitment “over and above” any other giving to your church. The present ministries and outreach that we currently support also need to be funded. We ask that you not transfer your current giving to the Campaign. 

Do I have flexibility in making my financial commitment? 

     Yes. There are three general categories under which you can make your commitment: Immediate gifts from accumulated cash Regular weekly or monthly gifts of a specified amount over the next 36-months Non-cash assets such as property, stocks, bonds, etc. Or a combination of any of these gifts

When and where will the commitments be made? 

    Most commitments were made on Commitment Sunday, November 22, 2015 during our Sunday morning worship service. The actual giving toward those commitments may begin beginning that same Sunday or whenever you designate on your commitment you will be giving.

Is it too late to make a commitment? 

No. If you're looking to make a commitment, you can still turn in a commitment form. You can give it to Aaron McDonald

Is there a campaign booklet? 

Yes! Feel free to stop by our Evident Church Headquarters and pick up a physical copy or you can download a digital version.