2019 Winter/Spring groups


Evident Groups are groups of 10-15 people who meet together weekly to study the Bible, talk about life, figure out ways to grow in their faith, and basically just be there for each other.


The purpose of a small group like this is two-fold: 1) connect people to each other in Christ-centered relationships, and 2) help people grow spiritually.


Sermon-Based groups focus on digging deeper into the previous week’s Sunday morning message. This creates a powerful synergy as the entire church is heading in the same direction working to apply into their lives the very things they are learning on Sunday mornings. We know that if people will velcro themselves to God’s word and Christ-centered relationships, they will grow.


Groups meet for 10-12 week trimesters with one month off in between. There are three group sessions per year: Fall (Oct-Dec), Winter/Spring (Feb-Apr), and Summer (Jun-Aug). Groups can (and are encouraged to) renew each trimester and welcome new people as they have open spots.

  • Life Groups

    Life groups for the spring 2019 have started. Stay tuned for information and dates on the next session of life groups.