crash course

We've had a lot of you ask about the next steps and how to get more involved here at Evident. 

This is where "Crash Course" comes in! 

Take a look at the video and read below for more info and how to sign up!


Crash course

This month "Crash Course" kicks off our first of four courses!

January 19th and 26th, during the 10am service in the Flex Room, 

 Crash Course Week 1 - Connect

Both weeks will be the same course

limited spots available

We're most excited about this because this is an opportunity for you to

  1. Learn about Evident. (Who we are, what we believe, some of our core convictions, you connect with others at Evident.)
  2. Learn about yourself. (We want to walk alongside you to help you learn about your spiritual gifts, how you best contribute to a team, and get you paired up with some of the different leadership at Evident to get you plugged into helping with our mission.)
  3. Become a "Ministry Partner." (Similar to a "church member," we believe when you are part of a church family, you are part of its mission. We want you to be part of leading people to follow Jesus, and Crash Course is your first step in doing just that.)

Crash Course FAQ’s

If I am a member, am I a Ministry Partner?

Ministry Partner is our new language for “membership” at Evident. If you have previously been through our membership class and been accepted as a member, you are automatically a Ministry Partner. However, we would like for you to still attend Crash Course 1 & 2 for your own growth and unity in our mission. Also, Crash Course 3 & 4 are designed especially for those who ARE Ministry Partners to help them discover their gifts and how they fit into the body of Christ.

Do I need to be a Ministry Partner to take Crash Course 3 & 4?

No. These courses can be taken by anyone. They help people discover their gifts and how they fit into God’s family whether they are a Ministry Partner at Evident or not.

Do I have to take these in order?

These can be taken in any order you choose. However, we HIGHLY recommend taking them in order 1-4.

Is there any cost to attend?

No, this is offered free of charge.

What do I need to do to become a Ministry Partner?

You can become a Ministry Partner by completing Crash Course 1 & 2

and agreeing to our Partner Agreement.

We're excited for what God is going to do through this!

Contact Pastor GJ if you have any questions