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  • MasterMind

    Join us Sunday February 10th for our new sermon series Mastermind. The struggles are real but may have less power over us than we think. Too often we believe we are prisoners to our thoughts: those voices telling us to worry, that we aren’t good enough, or that we can’t ever change our behavior. Lies believed as truth affect us as if they are true, so this series will shine a light on the strongholds that hold us down and give us the tools we need to shatter them. Through the healing power of Christ and some practical applications, we can rewire our brain to become the person God designed us to be.

  • Marriage Boost Retreat

    Looking for a fun weekend away with your spouse?  Come join us on the Marriage Boost Retreat and "Discover the Treasure in Your Marriage"!  Marriage Boost retreats are probably not what you think of when you think of marriage retreats. They are super fun with lots of free time built in for you and your mate! You'll have a zany time getting to know people on Friday night, spend all day on your own with your spouse and then come back to attend a fun pirate-themed banquet with a great speaker on Saturday night and one final session on Sunday morning. The retreat will be in Grand Haven, MI April 26-28. Register by March 1st to enjoy this amazing weekend. Sign up here!