The vision of Evident Worship is to bring together a team of servant leaders who support each other and utilize their gifts and talents to lead the body into active, convicting, responsive worship. 


It’s when we worship God that we discover afresh

that His thoughts and ways are far above ours and

that whatever we do will have to be guided

and empowered by Him.

~Warren W. Wiersbe, Real Worship

To The Musician

I want to personally thank you for expressing interest in joining our team.  I wholeheartedly believe that our purpose in life is to worship God. At Evident Church we are very intentional about our worship. This page will give you an idea of what the expectations are for those who wish to be a part of Evident Worship. 

The purpose of all of God’s creations (i.e. everything in existence) is to bring Him glory; but we are the ones who actually have the ability to worship Him. This is a very high calling and serious responsibility. We are called to share and represent Christ with everyone we come in contact with. Everything we do in the short time we have together on Sunday is intentional and geared toward that mission. We try to do this in a professional way that is relevant to our culture.

When we worship together, we are refreshed, equipped, and challenged to be sent out into the world to bring him further glory with our lives. This is why it’s so important for us to take full advantage of the short time we have together. As a team we have high expectations for each other. We want you to be intentional in your relationship with Jesus Christ, with your commitment to the people you will be working with and the relationship with your church family. 

God has challenged us to live above the worldly standard and commit ourselves to a life of intentional worship. As the leader of this ministry, I want to help you become the best follower and worshiper of Christ as possible. 


Cam Walters

Director of Worship Arts


Our musicians must understand that being a member of Evident Worship is a serious commitment to God, your family, yourself, your church, and the team. This commitment is not something to enter into lightly.


    Timothy 3:6

    Our musicians need to have a personal relationship with Jesus. In order to help others build a foundational relationship with Christ, we must demonstrate his love in our lives with the help of the Holy Spirt. 


    1 Peter 2: 1-3

    We are always trying to grow. We should be growing musically, spiritually, and relationally. To grow spiritually we need to spend time daily with Jesus. To grow musically we must spend time nurturing our instrument. To grow relationally we must spend time with others. 


    1 Timothy 3:2

    As someone on the stage in front of others, we are all leaders called to a higher standard, always being watched. One word that sticks out regarding leadership is integrity: doing what’s right even when no one is looking. 


    Philippians 3:14-16

    We strive for excellence in our music, in our presentation and for Christian/moral motives. Absolutely no one is perfect, but we do have a standard at which we are called to live upon. 


    Our musicians must be committed to an consistent individual practice regimen. You must also be committed to weekly rehearsals with the team. There will also be other meetings to help the ministry such as brainstorm meetings and occasional Evident Worship retreats. 


    Acts 2: 42-47

    As a leader we ask you to faithfully pray for the church, tithe, and attend as regular as possible. 


    1 Timothy 3:5

    It is important that your family supports the ministry you are in and you put your family before this commitment.


For full transparency, below is the normal schedule and commitment expectations for weeks that you will be serving.

MONDAY – TUESDAY (2–3 hrs)

  • Listen, practice and memorize the music for Wednesday rehearsal in your own personal time.


  • Arrival and setup (7:45pm)
  • Rehearsal (8:00pm)
  • Transition Work-through (8:45pm)
  • Prayer (9:00pm)
  • Cleanup/Stage Organization (9:10pm)


  • Tighten up anything that needs work in your own practice time

SUNDAY (4.5 hrs)

  • Arrival & Setup (7:30am)
  • Sound Check & Final Run-through (8:00am)
  • Volunteer Prayer Time (8:45am)
  • Production Meeting (9:00am)
  • 1st Worship Service (9:30am)
  • 2nd Worship Service (11:00am)
  • Tear Down & Reset (12:00pm)