Evident Kids

Your kids are going to LOVE it here!

Your children are going to love Evident Kids, our fun-filled kids program (Infant - 24 months, 2 years - 3 years, 4years- 6years, and 7years- 11 years)! Each week they’ll learn how principles from the Bible apply to their everyday life through small-group teaching, upbeat music, and fun activities. We’re parents too and we know how important it is to make sure our children are safe and protected. You’ll feel comfortable checking your kids in each week with our secure check-in process. All of our volunteers love kids and pass thorough our screening process (with background checks on file).


Elevate is our main gathering for students (6-12 grade). They meet Thursday nights - 6:30pm, at Evident Church. This provides a space for students to connect with God, grow in their faith in Jesus, and hangout with friends and our team of elevate Leaders. We will also be offering quarterly events outside of our normal meeting time for fun, special events. Tell your friends, tell your family! Want more info? Check out our elevate_ec Instagram, and our Facebook group.




Sign-ups for each session begin approximately one month before the session starts: Oct, Jan, May. 


Evident Life Groups are groups of 10-15 people who meet together weekly in people’s homes to study the Bible, talk about life, figure out ways to grow in their faith, and basically just be there for each other.


The purpose of a life group like this is two-fold: 1) connect people to each other in Christ-centered relationships, and 2) help people grow spiritually.  


Sermon-based groups focus on digging deeper into the previous week's Sunday morning message. This creates a powerful synergy as the entire church is heading in the same direction working to apply into their lives the very things they are learning Sunday mornings. We know that if people will velcro themselves to God's word and Christ-centered relationships, they will grow.


Groups meet for 10-12 week trimesters with one month off in between. There are three group sessions per year: Fall (Oct-Dec), Winter/Spring (Feb-Apr), and Summer (Jun-Aug). Groups can (and are encouraged to) renew each trimester and welcome new people as they have open spots.


One Day With God

Together we can make a difference. We have an amazing opportunity to volunteer and take part in a program called One Day with God. One Day with God goes into local prisons and reunites kids with their incarcerated parent. The day is filled with fun, meaningful events for the parent and child to experience.  If you would like to volunteer for this event or have any questions contact our Operations and Outreach Director  Samantha Thompson. Click on the link to watch a video to see what its all about.  


Sing praises to God and to his name! Sing loud praises to him who rides the clouds.

His name is the lord— rejoice in his presence!

Psalm 68:4 nlt

evident women

Our desire is to create an environment where women will feel loved and valued, while being encouraged and empowered to thrive as wholehearted followers of Jesus. Evident Women’s Ministry gives women an opportunity to serve and utilize their spiritual gifts and talents not only within our group, but also within the church.

For more information, contact us (info@evidentchurch) or visit the Evident Women Facebook page to stay up to date.