What is Each 1 Reach 1

We want to get serious about making disciples and we understand we can't do it alone. Although we've been making disciples, we want to make sure we are producing disciples at our maximum capacity. Through this "Each 1 Reach 1" initiative, we'll be taking a close look at our church and it's ministries to dial in how we can be making disciple and equipping others to living out the gospel. 

The bottom line: 

Each family wholeheartedly following Jesus & Responsible for leading at least one family to do the same!


Over the next months and years we'll be evaluating all areas of our church and design them to strategically help each family reach one other family per year. Although this does not seem like a heavy task for one family, the kingdom impact could be incredible! If we see our families at Evident reaching just one family for Jesus for 3 years, it will change our church, but most importantly our community! 

What if Each 1 Reach 1

If we lived out this simple principle of making it a goal to reach one other family for Jesus per year, and in turn they do the same, the results would be incredible! We would see unbelievers in churches all over the metro area, we'd see spiritual maturity rising up in our leaders. We'd see spiritual parents multiplying, and we'd see strong impact on our community. The goal is not to grow a church, the goal is to create a movement where God is using us to our full potential! 

If you are interested in getting involved with this initiative, reach out to us so we can help and coach you on how to reach ONE FAMILY FOR JESUS PER YEAR!